Download Optimizely Fundamentals - Learn the basics of site optimization CRO
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Which landing page (landing page) is better? Why customers are guided to your website, they do not buy? At what stage of the buying customers buy from your website and they give … are questions that most website owners are trying to find the answer. Issue of conversion rate optimization (CRO stands Conversion rate optimization) can find answers to these questions guide you.
Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO focused on audience behavior and needs and aims to increase the number of visitors to the site become customers. Graphic Site, useful content, speed of loading pages and other factors that are impact on improving conversion rates.
During teach you the basics of Optimizely Fundamentals website testing and optimization to attract visitors (customers) will learn more.

Headlines training of:
– Introduction to the course
– Understand the concept of Optimizely
– Website Testing
– Taking into account the objectives of site
– Changes in the appearance of the website to get a better result
– Monitoring Test (website)
– And …