Many organizations around the world, now scattered to collect and analyze information from various data sources in order to achieve the goals of their organization, such as reporting, monitoring activities of the organization and the decision to provide comprehensive information and a set of tools and  for business intelligence (BI) to apply. To achieve these goals, the tools available in Oracle Business Intelligence capabilities, comprehensive software package for the implementation of business intelligence in complex and sometimes provides a different organization. Strategy for Oracle Business Intelligence (BI or business intelligence) software is one of the most efficient reporting and analysis of data in the world. This solution is completely web users to analyze the data and create management dashboards with key performance indicators or KPI reports and graphs assists. Oracle BI Applications system is able to provide a new visual analytics, helps organizations understand their organization’s data on a  is great. The system also ensures that all users make their decisions based on a single version of the truth. Using Oracle BI tools can be integrated and comprehensive picture of the structure and organization of discrete poses. You can also forward information analysis and organization of future events based on current data and data records will be achieved.

Key Features  Oracle Business Intelligence:
– Direct connection to the database or data warehouse
– Installation on all platforms around the world
– Enterprise product installation at no charge
– Integration of software and offer all the facilities on the web
– High Speed ​​and Security and Performance
– Ability to define users and access levels are high
– Use Oracle BI to build reports in the same PMO
– Standardization of reports and formats that project-based organizations
– Ability to build reports in tabular,  and web based environment for BI Pivot
– A  the timing of the report and send it automatically to administrators
– Ability to Multi Data Source, and other applications that use databases, Excel files and Access to create reports in the mix
– Compatible with different versions of
– And …