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OSX Yosemite v10.10 DP2 + DP4 – Mac OS DIRECT LINK

Yosemite operating system recently released by Apple to developers. The OS comes with many changes and new technologies that are available. This Edition, Developer Edition, which is the second release of this operating system. Including the MAC cycles that can be named for the new Apple operating system, the ability to send SMS messages from the  is Messages.
Dear User Please note that this version has been published and copies of the programmer still has its defects. If you want to install the operating system, we recommend you to install and run it on an emulator. Installed on your system because it is true, the MAC interfere with  installed on your computer.

A key feature of the operating system OSX Yosemite:
– Ability to Send SMS Messages application
– Allows for files to be uploaded to the iCloud
– Changes in  platforms
– More features in Game Center
– And …

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