Update to version 3.1

To a game of flight simulation experience for Android, and if you are flying enthusiasts never miss this beautiful game. In this game you over the mountains, valleys, waterfalls and caves flying and enjoy the beautiful scenery. His plane on an aircraft carrier or airport ranging from Kvchm and bring down the big challenges of the buckle. The game has beautiful graphics and a spectacular three-dimensional, which is twice as much fun to play. 
The main features of the game :
– Dynamic Sky – Choose your favorite time to fly – early morning or evening?
– Watch the sun and moon in the sky
– One on aircraft carriers
– Crossing the mountains, valleys, trees and forests
– Complete a mission and unlock more missions and aircraft
– Achievements and share them with friends.
– Free flight mode is very enjoyable
– Support for the gamepad
– Added 6 new aircraft
– Bragyr removed from the aircraft that are not equipped for it!
– Added animated landing gear (retractable)
– Fixed