Fast and powerful web browser Pale Moon, customized and optimized version of the Firefox browser. The difference is that the browser Firefox is much faster and more efficient. As a result, the user interface of the is very similar to Firefox and is familiar to many users. If you previously used Firefox and you want bookmarks, passwords and browsing history to move Pale Moon, the browser is a tool for you to transfer all the settings provided. It can be firmly said that the speed of this browser is free, much higher than Firefox and other browsers are similar and can be the fastest time for your pages to load. Among other important features, it can be noted that its high security security security level equal Firefox, as well as lower use of system resources compatible with the version of also the could be mentioned.

A key feature of Pale Moon:
– Customized versions and optimized Firefox browser
– Much faster than other browsers
– Use less memory
– A high security
– Compatible with different versions of
– Support for SVG and Canvas
– And …