You have a  in beautiful style adventure games and puzzles are faced with a very beautiful story LKMAD for Android has been released by the company. Play nice and interesting story, the story of the game is that every generation is born a child, a child who Panmorphia owned land and the land is the responsibility of the government. Land officials have a duty to all the capabilities and features to become an animal so they can donate their services to the land. Travel to the mythical land to 4 element through a special spell mix. So you should strive to do this. Mirajal game full of puzzles that can entertain your account. In many games to collect items and find that there is twice as much fun to play. The game takes advantage of the beautiful soundtrack and sound effects included is very good.
– A game puzzle and the excitement Ajrajvyy
– A beautiful world of adventure and discovery
– Become a cat, bird, and fish in a graphic Beautiful
– Item is much to gain and different puzzles to solve
– Map Notepad application and search for the best in the world of fantasy
– Easy mode for beginners
– The soundtrack to the film and original sound effects