Download Paragon NTFS v14.1.187 MacOSX - reading and writing to NTFS format Windows under Mac OSX

One of the problems that users of Mac OS face is that because of the different partition on the Mac andWindows , Mac users can not flash memory or USB storage, such as external hard drives with Windows formats such as Ms-Dos, NTFS and … identification and transfer of data on your Mac with this type of storage solution to this problem is very simple look is enough software to install Paragon NTFS.

A key feature of Paragon NTFS:
– Access to any version of NTFS in Mac OS X
– Easy to use NTFS partition without the need for any special instructions
– New User Interface
– Powerful motor to accomplish tasks related to partition
– Create, format, delete, Undelete, Hide and unhide hard drives, enable or disable partitions, change or remove drive letter, change hard disk partition label, convert file system without formatting, check the integrity of file systems and etc
– Separate the operating system and data analysis of a partition to two different partitions of the same type
– Redistribution of space
– Convert to MBR disks GPT disk normal
– Backup of the sectors or files with incremental or differential updates
– Backup called or not called partitions, external storage devices, drives and CD / DVD / Blu-ray, networkof shared servers, FTP / SFTP and secure and hidden partitions
– Backup & Play Blue to / from servers, FTP / SFTP
– Encrypt and put a password on backups
– Copy a full hard disk or a separate partition and allows you to resize a partition while copying
– Support for virtual machines such as VMware Fusion and Parallels Desktop

But what distinguishes this software with other software in the partition management mean?
Paragon NTFS powerful software from Paragon Software’s product line of the company, all the necessary tools you need to manage and support your hard drive in this application is advanced. This software gives you advanced partitioning without data loss, regular recovery system and data, solving any boot problems, manage and switch between multiple operating systems, the new drive into service, copy the old disk and create new disk regular backups and automatic management gives them. This application has a powerful set of tools that are especially hard to solve common problems while using the system.The software is very powerful engine covers comprehensively with all the modern technology of hard drives performance.