Magics software from the company Materialise is a powerful software package preparation and STL editor is user friendly and can help you every step of the construction or extension Vrkflv (job rotation), three-dimensional, your guide. With this software can convert almost any format and color information and control to the native or original data on the hold. Magics key program for quick and easy preparation of prototypes of the products that are needed for a specific product will need to be updated. This application was designed in AutoCAD and other programs and save files to AutoCAD format is the same. The plan details such as three-dimensional design programs to be shown quite rational. Modeling analysis and the classification of the product and its parts are fragmented and isolated, the details of which will be done. The production process is detailed and easily make changes to the process and then apply Tvayd. In addition, the program can save documents produced and the main program and project management and production processes such as planning, implementation and control it.

It can capture screen in the process of drawing three-dimensional slice you up and out of the sheet and pressing, drilling rivets, welding and cutting branches, and analyze the woman, and so do. Magics STL editor available that allow you to correct mistakes and also watertight and create shortcuts to fit your Prdsh. All this functionality is a user friendly interface. Magics will ensure that only the best pieces to be printed. The program for the Mac and its

cut, collision detection, storage and production platform provides useful reports.
Key Features Magics:
– Ability to import almost any format and color of the mother
– Making and preparation of STL files
– Enhance and edit data
– Preparing platform
– Show more details
– Compatible with different versions of Windows
– And the …