Download PayPal Essential Training - Training to create and manage PayPal account

PayPal e-commerce company and the name of a system of electronic money transfer it. PayPal payment system and money transfer through internet and immediate the Mac is not. A PayPal account can be recharged through a bank account or a credit card. Recipients can withdraw their money from PayPal through the Czech, PayPal deposit account or get a bank deposit account. PayPal checkout process for online purchases, auction sites and other commercial applications with a cost of doing. It is also possible to transfer and receive money depending on the amount of money the charge is moved. Costs depending on the currency transfer, the transfer method, the sender, the recipient and the amount of money placed vary.

In the course of training to your PayPal Essential Training with basic functionality and is the key to create a powerful application take paypal account.

Headlines training of:
– Create an account (account)
– Education PayPal account security for buyers and sellers
– Transfer of funds.
– Request payment via Outlook and QuickBooks
– How to create payment buttons on websites
– Add and withdraw money from bank account
– Check PayPal PayPal Mobile
– Transportation using PayPal
– Issuance of repayments
– Record Keeping Account
– And …