Early version of  in the last years of the twentieth century were published Outcast. Action and Adventure This game deserves a style and graphics of the time, was acceptable, his place among the game open. After many years of playing the new version of the original version has been released. But this time the game AI is far higher than in the past and a more flowing style of play. Also the game has made significant progress in terms of sound and sound effects. The only thing about the older version of the game has not changed much, the video game is not very satisfying. Of course, the Mac is not because of the degree of graphics, to keep alive the memories of the previous version of the game is for the players! This is the story of a man who in 2007 sent a probe into space. After a while, the robot will send the information to the movies that you send from another planet inhabited unknown. Alien space probe that can be found online, it will be thrown out of work by making a hole in space threatens the security field.
Then the earth has sent several people to save floor space in front of them take place. But this group of people arriving at the planet, separated from each other and one of them accidentally gets into the atmosphere. He fears his life is that of how the space will be surprised with her. Alien because he promised with his own mistake!
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