PdfFactory Pro software to generate PDF files using a proprietary, highly sophisticated, it has made ​​to its simplest form. This software can be any type of document or image in the shortest time to convert a PDF file and you need to remove other software. After the software is installed as a printer introduced and thus to convert any document into a file PDF, it is sufficient to send the command to print to this virtual printer.Combine multiple files into one file PDF, create fonts used in the document and can be displayed on other systems without the fonts have, Add Bookmark, manage and edit pages printed, for example, in print Web pages for deletion Add pages and links, arranged for direct conversion without displaying a preview, create a clickable link and create a custom color, page numbers, headers, footers, page …. kind of functionality of the software.

A key feature of the software PdfFactory Pro:
– Ability to build PDF or print
– Combine multiple documents into one PDF
– Ability to preview
– Ability to Protect PDF
-Qablyt Embedded fonts are
– The Mac that add and remove page
– Ability to send by e-mail

– Ability to automatically save
– Ability to develop server
– Create PDF forms Letters
– Ability to add page numbers, headers, footers, and check printing
– Presentation of the table Help
– Set Initial Acrobat properties
– Turn off the Dark Grey
– View and Bazchyny programs
– Support for PDF / A-1b
– And the …