Download Pearson Education Android App Development Fundamentals I and II, Second Edition Livelesson - Training the basics of Android development

Popular Android operating system is now available for a variety of electronic devices such as mobile phones and Lvhrayanh Smart TV, wearables, etc. will be offered. Android is based on Linux kernel built applications written in Java, as well as a variety of different hardware devices, such as GPS and camera support. Android tools for developers to easily available and are supported by Google. These tools include books homes, diagnostic, and a plug-in for Eclipse is a phone simulator. Android applications written for Android apk file will be saved.
The courses teach the Android App Development Fundamentals I and II you will learn how to create Android apps.

Headlines training of:
– Set up the workspace to develop applications for Android
– Build a simple application for Android Android
– Application Calculator For Android
– Creating games Flag Quiz For Android
– Project Cannon Games For Android
– Making the game Doodlz For Android
– Build AddressBook for Android Android
– And …