PhotoFiltre Studio X is a powerful tool for retouching images using specific filters. All the tools are available directly in the program and the changes to take effect. There’s also a toolbar for quick and easy access to the filters in the program is intended to save the user’s time to apply filters. In no time the program is able to  the wide range of the to be filtered. Working with the program is very simple and even novice users can easily work with. Standard programming features and tools, including Brightness, contrast, dyed, saturation, gamma, which can amount to more or less depending on the requirements of the code. Art Filters Featuring watercolor, pastels, Indian ink, pointillism, puzzle effect and which is provided with each setting can be changed. 100 is a versatile program type filter. With this software you can touch up with the advanced tools and correct the red-eye effect. With powerful management layers you can easily manage your images. Another significant advantage of this software can be loaded very quickly and speed up the software to work with images that range One of the features of this software is very important that most of the advanced users, the special attention of have. Photo Filtre Studio X with support for many image formats in no small measure contributed to his power.

A key feature of  PhotoFiltre Studio X:
– A simple yet extremely effective
– Simply mix colors to get the desired color
– Full compatibility with popular software Adobe PhotoShop
– Accurate to 1/1000 ratio
– Increase or decrease the Gamma images “1/100”
– Very beautiful effects of different types of filters are very beautiful
– Three-dimensional brush and numerous professional
– Professional color management completely
– Selector (Transformation) or picture of the type of images
– Separate user interface for color management
– Qabyt diagnosis and choice of background colors
– Ability to change color of menu layers
– Speed ​​and very high-performance and high-performance software loaded
– High speed in loading and storing images
– Supports most image formats available
– High speed in and Abi storing images
– In the Layers menu in the IDE
– Select a button in the Layers menu
– Change the size, color, and rotate text and simply and with complete tools
– Automatic backup of edited images
– Standard tools Brightness, contrast, dyed, saturation, gamma
– Storage capacity in formats PngData
– Eliminate red in photos
– With 100 different types of filters with variable settings
– Artistic filters such as watercolor, pastels, Indian ink, pointillism, puzzle effect and …
– Better compatibility when opening PNG images than previous versions
– Support icons Vista with great size (48 × 48)
– And …