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How to get a black belt in Photoshop?
Photoshop Top Secret exquisite collection as one can guess from the name of a unique, professional and confidential secrets and tricks that a window facing Photoshop users is unknown. Most softwarePhotoshop always training and learn new tips and tricks in this application to promote their work and have the ability, which creates thousands of educational sites in this area, and trick training books , tips and training courses with high costs and is under titles such as special effects Photoshop. The precious collection includes more than 18 GB of video training includes extra applications and professional training in various fields, such as education, composition of images, cinema hoardings and advertisement tax, vocational training retouching images, creating a feature Special effects make exciting and visionary, working with text, graphics and other Web and Digital Painting. The following pictures of them, along with a brief description of the training given.

Some of the key features of Photoshop Top Secret: Source:
– View of Training of the Multimedia in an environment with stylish design and ease of use
– Over 18 gigabytes of video instruction in 40 different educational projects in different fields of application
– Despite all files and images for any educational project to train and increase worker skills
– Training projects that have never seen them like you!
– Expression of practical tips and secrets as unique Photoshop training

All projects are going to be taught by teachers who continue to be introduced.

Mr. Mark Monciardini one of 40 professional Photoshop in the world and won numerous awards including the Fame Award winner, chosen by the Association of Photoshop professional users as well as a professor of international work in teaching techniques in Photoshop world.

Ms. Melanie Stimmell graduate of Central College of Arts degree in design and a well-known international artists and is the only woman who has won the title of Maestro also won several gold medals in the design from Germany and Italy is.

This collection of exquisite education projects include:


> DVD 1 projects

Source: www.p30download.comMovie Poster Design I: In this project the art of assembling images of one of the most striking things is making movie posters are familiar.
Movie Poster Design II: In this tutorial you can see how the images very simple and only apply image effects and combining our professional movie poster design.

Source: www.p30download.comMovie Poster Credits: In this project you will learn how to create a block of Credit or Credit Block learn their true for movie posters.
Dark Faces: In this project you learn to use this effect to create a frightening picture of the other images in magazines and advertising is a big future.

Breaking Apart: In this project the effects previously seen in Hollywood movies you are familiar with the effects you can create an image of individuals who are face crushing the Zarat smaller.
Dream Scene: In this project you will learn how to assemble and create a virtual ultra-modern elephant bird in the world are familiar with the facts of how the assembly in this project and other projects of the assembly of the art learn the ultra-well Grid.

Source: www.p30download.comStone Portrait: to see the picture of this tutorial you can get anyone into old stone statue.
Surreal Images: Using images and their sights trained on this project, you can create a look hazy dream.

Source: www.p30download.comDream Skin: This project users how to make a woman beautiful dream fantasy with skin Henna art are familiar with and able to apply the fine art of your favorite images are.
Special Effects: In this project, users with the planet and fiery meteors lovely and beautiful things like chat in the sea and the combination of video effects will be familiar with their desired image.


> DVD 2 projects

Source: www.p30download.comPainting a Portrait: In this project you Hnrnqashy favorite digital images are familiar with how to apply color and shade to learn about painting completely consistent.
Swapping Faces: to view this training you are able to move and change from one image to other images, if you so that viewers do not understand.

Source: www.p30download.comPop Art: This art is a style popular in mid-1950 and trick you with the education and art software Photoshop on your images, you can apply this art form.
Applying Tattoos: to view this training you will be able to apply to the skin Henna tattoos and favorite characters in the image below.

Source: www.p30download.comMasking Fur: At first glance this seems practical training not see the video but you can see that this project is a great application for the photographers and studio educate fruitful and beautiful, with virtually no people who wish to owners in private images Touch can In this tutorial you will learn how to change the background, pictures in which there are two furry animals are familiar with the tricks of this tutorial you will be able to touch up images with the natural hair in hair without Incision disobedient You will.
Vanishing Point: Perhaps the majority of users with the option Drftvshap strange and surprising applications do not have information on the Asai Vanishing Point Vanishing Point your project and how to edit images with perspective they are familiar.

Source: www.p30download.comWeb Graphics: This project, as the name implies, the video website that includes a brief tutorial about making beautiful buttons or making Header about the construction site and logo and more.
Shattered Type: In this project, you have a beautiful effect that is applied to the paper take this effect into your writing a case such as broken glass that you want.

Source: www.p30download.comFlower Greeting Card: In this tutorial you will learn how to work with vector tools in Photoshop learn and that this training with this tool a fine greeting card design.
Creating DVD Covers: The project you are familiar with how the design principles of a DVD case. As well the principles on how to layout text and images, and carefully observe the distance is discussed.


> DVD 3 projects

Source: www.p30download.comFlying out of Bounds: to view this tutorial, you are familiar with the masks Drftvshap well, and also with a beautiful style promotional learn and the way that perhaps the poster and you see that one of the most framework Mrbvtsh Logged as defined in this skier is out of the box.
Reaching out of Bounds: The project aims to design a work of deceitful tricks and Randy created shortly after the end of the project so that others think that the real picture is not really combine multiple photos together!

Source: www.p30download.comChocolate Milk Frog: In this project, in other words, the training on Adobe Photoshop with all the magical power of faith can you get! The training covered the body of a Qvrbaqh chocolate so you imagine the cup is removed while it is the magic of Photoshop! That the impression is created.
Covered with Wax: This project is a continuation of previous projects and see you after this training, a layer of wax softening easily be able to apply any Shyy- Object that you want.

Source: www.p30download.comGrunge Look: In this project, one of the most important things you learn in designing and making a field or the Back Ground and see how the images to appear in the background of beauty unusable creates be.
Square Fruit Play: In this project you will get a little surprise after seeing this tutorial, you can easily transform your fruit to eat without originality and mother nature. In this Training you can see how an apple from spherical to the natural conditions of the Mac is futile!

Source: www.p30download.comInvisible Man: In this tutorial with the power of Photoshop The person has disappeared and only his clothes but it remains to be fully implemented and the training of professional merits are considerable.
Metal Collage: After observing training you can build a robot, and it’s a whole new world you’ve created it as well as the inadequacy combined images appeared to be also are few creativity.

Source: www.p30download.comMorphing Creatures: This project is one of the most interesting training data to provide users with an animal crawling in this combined with the existing one, the new one is created.
Using Layer Comps: You probably are not familiar with the new panel and the panel and its benefits are not familiar with the performance of the project description given on the panel.


> DVD 4 projects

Source: www.p30download.comVector Art: In this project you step by step how to create a custom Tsavyrvktvr take such beautiful pictures.
Dreamy Background: This project Creating a background – Back Grand beautiful and dream to be quite brief and practical stated.

Source: www.p30download.comLiquid Metal: After seeing the project you can text and objects on a layer of molten metal shiny hearts of his or apply the effects to text and objects are very beautiful and rare gives you.
Smoke: The series is one of the most beautiful train in the project initially taught how to smoke and how to apply smoke to the image to be taught.

Source: www.p30download.comSoap Bubbles: In this project you how to create beautiful bubbles trained and taught how to use them.
Water Bubbles: The project is similar to the previous training course on how to make your project with bubbles under the water, they are familiar and in total by applying the bubbles to your project to the spirit of the power of imagination Add your own.

Source: www.p30download.comUnderwater Scene: In this tutorial, you pretty easily just by means of Photoshop can create unknown underwater world, with all its beauty lies in you. This project has a lot of merits critical applications while viewing the film, and then run it on the wonderful things that you.
Swap Animal Skin: Today in the world of design and advertising are always more projects Gzartr effects and the effect of that specific kind other than the purpose of this project lies in its practical tips in this project is this you will learn how to animals with the Instead get to know each other.

Source: www.p30download.comStylized Character: The project for lovers of art and painting in Photoshop is very useful in this project, how to paint a sketch or Sketch be taught step by step.
Masking Mastery: Finally, some special training on how to select objects with different tools in Photoshop placed.

> Project DVD 5

Special training courses for all those interested in digital arts FANTACY PORTRAIT
The multimedia educational project to fully how drawing and painting a face (like the picture opposite) learn step by step.

The price of the training is $ 179 America. Home PC download version of Photoshop Top Secret complete with all the images used in the project (perfect) for the first time in 2007. fully introduced and released.