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PHP scripting language (PHP) is one of the most popular and widely used programming language that was designed for Web development. PHP code by the PHP Web server software installed on it is interpreted. Command of the language directly in the HTML code placed. PHP can be installed on most web servers. It also can be installed as a separate loose on almost all operating systems and platforms (or platform) there. PHP primarily acts as a filter, the source code as input and web pages as output (often a HTML) creates. It can also be used for command-line scripting. PHP can be deployed on Web pages and the operating systems or databases. It can also be used as a database management system.
Videos PHP Academy includes training of which have been prepared and published by PHP addition to teaching various subjects in the PHP language, including training in MySQL, javascript (including jQuery) and CSS as well.

Headlines training of:
– Getting Started with PHP
– Chrome developer tools
– Introduction to CodeIgniter
– Common errors in PHP
– Learning CSS3
– RSS Feed dynamic Web content
– HTML5 Training
– JavaScript AJAX
– Learning PHP
– Tips PHP
– Learning PHP: Create Blog
– Learning PHP: Making Contact Form
– Learning PHP: Ad rotation
– Learning PHP: Build a Content Management System
– Learning PHP: Search Engine
– Security
– And …