Download Pluralsight Backbone.js Fundamentals - Training Beck Bvn.jyas

Bkbvn.jyas (Backbone.js) is a set of tools for developing web applications for single-page design. Bkbvn abook home and based RESTful interface JavaScript with model-view-presenter and program design paradigm Upon a model and you have a Mac for structured writing JavaScript code and software help needed information from among the DOM pages out. Among the features of this library can be as easy, high speed, light weight, simple connection to the server can be mentioned. Backbone.js possible to without having to modify the HTML or other parts of your code, Die been able to use any engine, to define new events and also use other libraries and frameworks.
During the training, the Pluralsight Backbone.js Fundamentals are key features of this library are familiar and powerful applications.

Topics Education of Pluralsight Backbone.js Fundamentals:
– Introduction to Backbone.js
– Meet with single-page applications
– Models (Model) in Bkbvn.jyas
– Inheritance and the concept of heritability (Inhereitance) in Backbone.js
– Related concepts View in Bkbvn.jyas
– Introduction to Routing
– Definition of Collection (Collections) in Backbone.js
– Connect to Server
– Test projects Backbone.js
– And …