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Certification CompTIA Server Plus (CompTIA Server +) on the specific hardware and operating system focuses server. The acquisition represents the degree of having technical knowledge in areas such as RAID, SCSI and Multiple CPUs and recover lost data on a server and general concepts and issues in the field of work with servers such as public knowledge about hardware servers, installation, configuration, updates, proactive maintenance, troubleshooting and problem determination and game information blue covers.
Records can be CompTIA (CompTIA) as a valid certificate in IT skills are considered each as an independent certificate represents a special expertise in a particular field.
The courses teach the topics you raised Pluralsight CompTIA Server + certification for CompTIA Server + and everything to set up, maintain, and troubleshoot servers you need, you know.

Titles Training of CompTIA Server + Part 1: Server Hardware:
– Introduction to the course CompTIA Server +
– Set up a laboratory for training
– Scenario Training Course
– Introduction to System Board (system board)
– A variety of chassis and components
– Memory types and their attributes
– Compatible hardware
– Characteristics of the processor (CPU) and its variants
– Expansion cards
– And …

Topics include CompTIA Server + Part 2: Networking and Storage:
– Operating Systems Network
– Security of network operating systems
– Management of network operating systems
– The role of Server
– Concepts of server virtualization
– Networking Essentials
– RAID technology
– Installation and configuration of internal memory (Internal Storage)
– External storage technologies (External Storage)
– Maintenance and development of the documentary details
– Best Practices
– And …

Topics include CompTIA Server + Part 3: Security and Troubleshooting:
– The physical environment server
– Access methods Server
– Physical Security
– Backup and restore procedures
– Method of replication (Replication) and data protection (Data Retention)
– Play Water Crisis Information (Disaster Recovery)
– Theory troubleshooting
– Troubleshooting hardware issues
– Fixed problems with the application of
– Issues related to network troubleshooting
– Issues related to troubleshooting and storage
– Prepare for CompTIA Server + exam
– And …