This program has been developed for building systems. The idea of ​​building plans have been proposed 35 years ago (1963 Klavf RW). However, the need for special programs such as ETABS became more apparent when the nonlinear static and dynamic analysis of structural engineers to practical use, and with the advent of computers today with the power of computers for the top larger and more complex structures were used by engineers.

ETABS program in steel and concrete frame design criteria for seismic design of buildings are all considered.The program will be based on the criteria of plasticity concrete frame and average ordinary and special design. Steel buildings are also special rules of ordinary and special moment frames and braced systems converge and diverge in terms of the design. In addition to the analysis and design is extraordinary, full two-way communication program ETABS software other more. ETABS SAFE program automatically creates an input file. SAP2000 ETABS program also has the ability to create the input file. ETABS in the new edition of the Mac line that calls the geometry and grid software is AutoCAD. Ability to send geometry to AutoCAD software and other characteristics as well. 

A key feature of the software ETABS:
Analytical capabilities:
– Knowledge of building elements and classes
– Automatic calculation of mass and center of gravity
– Transfer of gravity of the floor beams
– Production and distribution of lateral loads between levels of classes
– Modeling and ramp shell elements are

Design Features:
– Steel Frame Design
– Concrete Frame Design
– Design of shear walls
– The design of composite beams