The audit process is a systematic, independent and documented in order to obtain audit evidence and evaluating it objectively done Shvdta determine the extent the criteria have been met. Audit of the means of evaluation.
Netwrix Auditor is a tool change, configuration, audit or evaluation platform, which is affordable to simplify compliance, enhance security and simplify root cause analysis across the IT infrastructure, it has. Thissoftware audit by the changes made ​​to security, systems and data, provides complete visibility for you.Netwrix Auditor and very low-volume comprehensive set of applications that give you the accurate detection of a failure to report all changes to prevent, to minimize the risk of and supervision over network , footw Mac is. You are using Netwrix Auditor to produce detailed reports about any change, collecting and archiving events in both Windows and syslog to you. Also, you will be alerted about critical server events.