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Course Premiere Pro Guru: Effects and Preset Management added!
Course Premiere Pro Guru: Multi-Camera Video Editing added!
Course Premiere Pro Guru: Video Finishing Techniques added!

Adobe Premiere Pro cc (Adobe Premiere Pro CC) version of the new software and Adobe Premiere video editing software from Adobe, which is actually a set of digital audio-visual applications. The CC version of this software, you can edit your videos faster than ever. Dozens of new features that includes a timeline redesigned, improved media management, accelerated color scheme and are, in this version of the software is that you will soon offer new software features it will access.
In terms of training of Premiere Pro CC Tutorial Series you with the features and capabilities of this powerful software application you know.

Topics Education of Premiere Pro CC Essential Training:
– Editing in Premiere pro in eight steps
– Customize the window layout and user interface
– Setting up a project
– Imported media files
– Mark and the best part video clips
– Editing clips in the Timeline
– Cutting (Trimming), divide, move, or delete portions of a clip
– Perform advanced editing, such as editing 3-point, replacing editing and linking of sounds
– Sound Mixing
– Run the roll and ripple editing
– Apply transitions, effects and filters
– Change the speed
– Make title, credit rolls and lower thirds
– Multi-camera editing techniques (multicam)
– Out of the project
– And …

Other training courses:
– Premiere Pro Guru: Secrets Blending Mode
– Premiere Pro Guru: effects and management of presets
– Premiere Pro Guru: Vydvyvhay multi-camera editing
– Premiere Pro Guru: completion techniques movie
– And …