A key feature of the software Prezi:
– No need for any software running slide show as offline (with export exe)
– High maneuverability in animation so that it can be up to 100 times zoom on a point in which he wrote a full article that relates to the use of a vector in the design of the service this means that the Whatever the image magnification (Zoom) to the edge of the image quality and other components of the project will be reduced
– Save projects built on the site prezi.com account you will automatically have access to their projects have run for editing or online (for free to 100 MB of this service user assigned)
– Create a video tutorial to introduce and advertise your goods
– The design is very simple and light
– Compatible with different versions of Windows
– And the …

This software does not support the Persian language, Farsi, so any text in pdf file format and then save the file in Porzi insert (insert) it.