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Python (Python) is a general-purpose programming language, high-level, object-oriented and interpreter of that philosophy it emphasizes two main goals of high readability applications and short and efficiency is relatively high. The key words of the language is minimal, and the book is available for homes that are huge. It took an unusual design and onward use of the source code to identify the different blocks of code. Python programming models (such as object-oriented programming syntax and function-oriented) to support and to identify the type of the variables of a dynamic system. Python because of the simplicity, power and Mvdalhay its full attention to many organizations such as Google, Yahoo and IBM are located.
The courses teach the Python Tutorial Series with basic functionality and powerful application programming languages ​​take the key.

Headlines training of Up and Running with Python:
– Install Python
– Select one editor / IDE
– Work with variables and expressions
– Write ring
– The use of class date, time and DateTime
– Reading and writing files
– Fetch (Fetching) data on the Internet at
– Parsyng (Parsing) and processing HTML
– And …

Educational titles Python 3 Essential Training:
– Quick Start Python 3 for experienced developers
– Create functions and objects
– The use of objects and classes, built-in Python 3
– The repetition code using loops and iterators
– Understanding and Using conditional statements
– Create sequences with generators
– Reusable code objects and books homes
– Improved error handling and exceptions are using
– And …