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Python (Python) is an interpreted programming language, object-oriented dynamic and that it can try a range of software and technology used. This method is very powerful programming language and professional to work with different languages ​​and tools to provide easy as possible. Therefore it was in the book , which is home to a very wide range of learning and use it in a few days, the Mac is not. The language is a language free, open source (Open Source) is. Code written in the language in a wide range of platforms including Linux, Windows , Mac, mobile phone, even mobiles , etc. are applicable. Python is in large companies and organizations like NASA, Google, Yahoo and more widely used. Software Blender, Mailman, Civilization IV, BitTorrent and the software that are created by the language. 

If you’re looking to learn a programming language is a programming language download , because it is very easy to learn and has many applications.