QuickTextPaste v2.67 – customize the application to assign hot keys

M users be aware that you also include the use of computers in their work or personal purposes, you have to duplicate that type stuff is a waste of your time. QuickTextPaste is free and is very low volume is To help you with pre-written text using a shortcut key to comment. Use this application to this case is that if certain words such as address, that you have to type it again, you can enter it into the software by using the options in the software it is a key Assign shortcut. The program is portable and therefore has no effect on the runtime Zjystry you will not leave it on your USB and you can copy and use whenever you need to enter your text messages application, you need The installation of the software, then use it. Even the most inexperienced computer users can easily use this software.

A key feature of QuickTextPaste:
– Assign hotkeys to your favorite texts
– Low volume
– Easy to use
– Compatible with different versions of
– And …