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How to apply materials (materials) to simulate lighting in the interior shots in accordance with the amount and type of light in day, night and dusk, use of internal lights, portals and sky … a technique that can rendering software, 3ds Max to use them. Light features such as temperature, lighting, and the publication is to replicate it with all its features in the digital world more powerful software tools, lighting and material that EADS Mac of them offers you better To get a better result when these features to adjust the brightness to an interior, consider. 3ds Max is one of the most powerful programs designed to model the three-dimensional animation and rendering in graphics computer (CG) is the largest capacity, modeling stuff. The software also has an indirect illumination & radiosity lighting analysis of particle systems particle system is a very powerful environment for the simulation of real images and scenes are created for the user.

During the training, the Rendering Interiors in 3ds Max rendering interior you use the software more DSMac system you know.

Topics include:
– The creation and use of materials (materials) with brilliance and luster
– Create a system of daylight
– Tsh light of domestic appliances
– Lighting with Sky Portal
– Final settings
– The combination of Nuke and After Effects
– Add depth of field, highlights and shine
– And …