Download Ripple Training DaVinci Resolve Core Training - Training Vinci Ryzalv

Since the color of one of the most influential and the most compelling aspects of video and images, and they are directly interested viewers, filmmakers and photographers are always looking to improve the quality of photos and videos by software correction color. Powerful software DaVinci Resolve color correction (Color Correction) video files that feature and the Mac extraordinary possibilities in the field of color correction gives users the option to enable the output quality of your video There. Davinci Resolve three parts. The first application is very simple and small features of Davinci Resolve, which is known by the name of Davinci Resolve Lite. The most important feature of this program is unparalleled speed Davinci Resolve can be.
During the training, the Ripple Training DaVinci Resolve Core Training Your key features of this powerful software application and learn.

Headlines training of:
– Review of DaVinci Resolve interface
– DaVinci Resolve settings for importing files
– Import XML files
– Import EDL and
– Automated Scene Recognition
– Navigation (Navigation)
– Control of Transport
– Custom Color Page GUI
– Check Color Page
– Meet Unmix Tab
– Adjust contrast
– Use Lum Mix Slider
– Meet with RGB Mixer
– Understanding the HSL Qualification
– Introduction to Power Windows
– Introduction to Still Store
– Management of Grade
– Acquaintance with Keyframing
– Meet with Blur Tab
– Rendering in the DaVinci Resolve
– And …