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[ ROOTED ] BlueStacks v0.9.8 Build 4406 + Rooted – Run Windows applications and games on Android

  • These days, the market for operating systems for mobile and tablets is very hot. So that each operating system is trying to overtake another. The open-source Android because of the abundance of models, more popular. Sure, you’re one of those people that maybe you wanted to test Android on your laptop or PC!Because the Android only supports ARM processor, as it is not the default operating system x86 or x64 processors to run on. The Android operating system should be simulated. However, before this the Mac was provided by Google itself but because of the difficulty of working with the team at work and are BlueStackssoftware has been developed BlueStacks App Player Android apps easily on Windows to run.Key Features Software BlueStacks App Player:
    – Run games and programs for Android on Windows and tablets
    – Easy to use and fast
    – Has all the features of Android
    – Supports many Android apps
    – New graphics and support for gaming and HD programs
    – Ability to synchronize the program
    – The Mac is the backup of data stored
    – Unable to connect to the Internet

    BlueStacks How is the Program?
    BlueStacks is a software that Samsung’s tablet on Android 4.4.2 installed to fully simulate the feeling that you’re actually an Android tablet.
    It supports all the features and capabilities of the Android operating system and allows any application that runs on Symbian as well on your Windows experience. As the hardware system is stronger, smoother and better programs will work.
    When using this program, please note the following points:
    – It’s not forget that the program is still in the early phases of the test result may have problems while working with it, of course, in the Forums to users in the problems was to forum help.

    – Before running the program, make sure you install the latest version of your graphics card driver, users often have problems because of their lack of updates the graphics card driver.

    – Always use the latest version.

    – Recommended after installation of the “market” and install apps and games via the download and update them.

BlueStacks App Player Screenshot 1 BlueStacks App Player Screenshot 2 BlueStacks App Player Screenshot 3 BlueStacks App Player Screenshot 4 BlueStacks App Player Screenshot 5


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