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With regard to the use of computers in translation, the translator should at least be more successful in their work and speed up the to know about the translation. From the 1940s, the idea of ​​using computers for the first time as so many of today’s research in this field, both in the hardware and the software have been conducted. Today, computers are used in all fields, almost every discipline has its own software packages. The tool can be translated into a  computer, translator named as one of the greatest electronic gadgets. The use of the memory system can help speed up the translation to translation. Such memory is based on the interpreter translates what is stored in them. When the translator in the translation of new text, which can be part of the memory of his previous projects and thus speed their transition to the new enhanced. The use of such memory depends on the type of text. For example, the translation of the novel, it can be problematic and can even reduce the speed of translation. The novel in translation, creative translation of the term consistency is more important. However, in other contexts, such as legal texts, technical and commercial terms and duplicate words in which the frequency is high, the memory would be really helpful. The most famous memory systems include El Tradvs SD (SDL TRADOS), Vrdfst (WORDFAST), vu (Déjà Vu) and w t (OmegaT). Among these are more popular and more expensive than SD LG Tradvs rest and then Vrdfst is that now more than 13,000 translators around the world use it. SDL Trados Studio Professional is a complete translation environment to translators who want to edit, review and management of translation projects, as well as organizing corporate terminology, to pay.

This wonderful in more than 200,000 professionals around the world teach the translations used. This software is a tool for all computers need an interpreter translated into a working environment for translators is gathered. The translation workplace of three parts: project management, translation memory and terminology management is made.

A key feature of the software SDL Trados Studio:
– Provides all the tools needed for a computer assisted translation Translator
– Translate Faster
– Translated more
Providing high quality content in each language
Maintaining brand across every language
– Enjoy translation
– And …