SecureCRT is a software terminal emulator for Windows that using this tool very professional, managers,network and servers will be able to secure an extra terminal shell access to the server protocols SSH1 and a variety of hardware that and SSH2 are creating and using ultra-high security level input and output associated with this type of connection to the server in a secure environment be under their control. It also supports the Mac and the remote access and file transfer and secure for users in an organization to provide high levels of security. Software SecureCRT, various solutions for business, network management, information security and provides development tasks.

A key feature of SecureCRT:
– Terminal emulator for Windows
– Script recorder
– Cache passwords
– Create an extremely secure shell access to the terminal server and all kinds of hardware that are SSH1 and SSH2 protocols
– The MAC of the remote access and file transfer and secure for users of any organization with extremely high levels of security
– To provide a variety of solutions for business, management, networking , security and development tasks
– Support for OpenSSH format keys
– Support for additional tab
– Supports SSH1 and SSH2
– User Authentication
– Strong Encryption
– Host key management
– Emacs mode
– Quick Connect
– File Transfer
– And the …