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Course SEO: Link Building in Depth added!
Analyzing Your Website to Improve SEO Training Course added!
Video SEO Basics Course added!

Now millions of sites on the Network World Internet have been registered. There are thousands of Web sites with similar themes and hundreds of similar titles are competing with each other. In the meantime, anyone who is looking for something associated with word searches. Google and Yahoo search the most famous sites on the Internet. Search engine optimization (Search engine optimization (SEO)), sometimes called Persian to operating SEO is to improve the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines results page, which can be natural or algorithmic say. This is a method of search engine marketing.Generally sites with the highest MAC ‘s, and more frequently in search engine results pages, the more visitors through search engines and webmasters is one of the factors critical to Myavrnd.bray obtain new users of the search engines, especially Google.
In the course of learning the SEO Fundamentals are key operations for their website in search engine results showing more you know.

Topics Education of SEO Fundamentals:
– SEO is?
– Understanding the structure of the search engine results page
– Use of key words
– The importance of projecting a map to search
– Optimization of web pages
– Analysis of the quality of the pages
– The benefits of content made by users
– Technical issues SEO
– Practical training process of indexing web pages by search engines
– Using a Mac that Redirect
– Graded Microformat of
– Causes the server (Server-Side) involved in SEO
– Use Google Webmaster Tools
– Use Bing Webmaster Tools
– How to plan for content
– Strategy for Long-Term Content
– The design of a successful strategy and avoid problems
– The acquisition of new ideas about the content
– Publish and promote content with the help of Social Media
– The use of link building strategies
– The effect of SEO
– Use of SEO for success in e-commerce sites
– Understand the relationship between SEO and e-commerce
– Use of the capabilities of Semantic HTML
– Introduction to Google+ Local
– Discussion on the global stage
– Analysis and assessment of sites for International SEO
– And …

Other training courses:
– Strategy Aytfadh keywords (Keywords)
– Link to the depth
– Analysis of the site to improve SEO
– The basics of Video SEO
– And …