Working with images is one of the most fun and the most attractive things that exist today. Users are any professional or beginner looking for the best tools in the field of image and image-conscious. The software is used to increase the quality of their image. Imagine an old photograph of a young man, his grandparents and you want to get the picture, just like before.
SILKYPIX is a universal converter that utilizes the powerful functions allow you to suck it gives the best results in terms of images. Taking advantage of the professional parameters with the full user interface, you can increase the quality of the images in the best way. Since the conversion of raw image formats of today is the need to become pervasive in the lives of those in the field felt. SILKYPIX is one of the best converters worldwide, achieve the best results in the shortest time possible.

SILKYPIX is perfect for professional users as well as for amateur and novice users, simple. Both users are able to access the images with the high quality of the software benefit. On a Mac, the software errors that previously only pixels with high costs to purchase expensive hardware to solve the photo can be resolved.SILKYPIX by introducing professional manager in the field of color ICC profiles that include photos and advanced functions to adjust white balance, perspective, darkness and light, and other user settings helps.The product of more than 120 types of cameras supported. The tool presented readability RAW formats from digital SLR cameras and the ability to work on and TIFF formats such as JPG’s.

A key feature of the software SILKYPIX Developer Studio:
– Create a non-destructive editing of photos
– Benefit from the effects of various settings
– Adjust the white balance of images, lens correction, slice and cut the images, image quality and …
– Create results with JPG and TIFF formats
– Print high quality
– Support for 120 different camera types
– Fix Errors pixels
– And the …