Download Silverlight 5 Essential Training - Training Silver Light
Microsoft Silverlight is a web-based programming platform the same capabilities of Adobe Flash, which features multimedia, graphics and animation has been embedded in a runtime environment.
silverlight a web plug is inserted into the web browser, such as common additives and a range of capabilities to increase browser. In addition to the aforementioned features of Silverlight is the ability to connect to the database. Silver Light is actually a rich Web application (RIA (Rich Internet Application technologies such as ASP.NET that Hmahnd programs that are produced can be extended. Silver Light is the branch of the WPF technology only with the difference that the Web runs.
During the training, the Silverlight 5 with basic functionality and powerful application programming languages ​​take the key.
Headlines training of:
– Installation of development environment
– Using Expression Blend vs. Visual Studio 2010
– Create a Silverlight
– Compile the program
– The relationship between XAML and NET.
– Using C #
– Work with XAML
– The establishment and debugging code
– Create sophisticated layouts with elements of panel
– Visual State Manager using the Visual State Manager
– Switch to the user interface (UI) format
– Getting to know and understand the Model event (event model)
– Work with text
– Handling errors
– Check the level of trust
– The Animation
– Work with Windows
– Integration with XNA
– Audio and video
– Create program independent of the browser (OOB)
– And …