Download SketchUp 2015 Essential Training - Training sketches up in 2015

Ups sketches (Sketch up) one of the most popular software in the field of two-dimensional and three-dimensional Google (especially in the field of architecture, civil engineering, engineering Mac Anik, and also designed the game in Ryanhay) that efficient methods and simple in modeling puts at the disposal of users. It models all lines connected to each other as are the edges of the model. If you join three or more edges to each other or a plan is created and automatically means the model is created. And also at the edges creates a three-dimensional model is created.
In the course of learning the SketchUp 2015 Essential Training Your key feature of this software is a powerful key will be familiar.

Headlines training of:
– Create different camera views
– Shading edges
– Select, move, scale and rotate objects
– Create circles, polygons and arrow
– Build 3D text
– Labeling a plan
– Working with layers
– Use of components 3D Warehouse
– The use of materials and texture mapping
– Animation artwork
– Export for 2D and 3D design
– And …