Download Skillfeed Working with Light and Shade in Photoshop - Working with light and shadow in Photoshop

Lighting and shading to the overall composition and design shapes our sense of shape and texture can affect the displayed objects. We can say that much of the impact of image, due to the lighting work is one of the very important issues in lighting Sayhast, because shadows can strongly sense of space thatsuck up. Brighter and darker parts of the frame to help Sakhthshdn composition of each shot and so our view of the objects and specific actions towards the ends.
During the training, the Skillfeed Working with Light and Shade in Photoshop you lighting and shading techniques in software Photoshop you know.

Headlines training of:
– Introduction to the course
– Meet with a variety of light
– Works Embed light source at different angles (top, bottom and sides of the object)
– Different views of the object from different angles to determine Mac the light source
– Shadows of objects on the plan
– And …