Ultimate Edition (Definitive Edition) was added to the game.

Welcome to Hong Kong! A bustling city, alive and vibrant with lots of neon signs, is colorful. Welcome to the vibrant colors of this city, one of the most powerful and dangerous criminal organizations in the world of work is in its place. This organization is composed of a great and powerful criminal groups have penetrated everywhere in Hong Kong and organized crime, and crime in the city has been in works. In this  you have an open-world action role you play in the sand. He wants to do things a secret police experts who compiled subversive and illegal gang and three of the original members of the trust, it will destroy the corruption from within. He worked very hard to have pursued it ought to remain faithful to the police and on the other hand with violence and brutal way to open the criminals, in a world to the rank of the criminality of name for espe- to the reach higher group. In between times, the line between loyalty and enhance the position of police criminality are so close together that they are detecting is very difficult.

The Ultimate Edition (Definitive Edition) :
– Completely rebuilt and optimized version Play Sleeping Dogs
– All plug-ins released for the game (pre-purchase the game extensions and other add-published after the release of the original game)

List of plugins available for (DLC) game:

Pre-order DLCs:
– Police Protection Pack
– Martial Arts Pack
– GSP Pack
– Deep Undercover Pack
– Triad Enforcer Pack
– ANZ Pack
– Japanese Presel Pack

Downloadable contents:
– High Resolution Texture Pack
– Top Dog Silver Pack
– Retro Triad Pack
– Red Envelope Pack
– Top Dog Gold Pack
– High Roller Pack
– Street Racer Pack
– Tactical Soldier Pack
– Community Gift Pack
– SWAT Pack
– Valve T-Shirt Pack
– Screen Legends Pack
– Ghost Pig Pack
– Nightmare in North Point
– Square Enix Character Pack
– Dragon Master Pack
– Drunken Fist Pack
– Gangland Style Pack
– Zodiac Tournament Pack
– Movie Master Pack
– Monkey King Pack
– Law Enforcer Pack
– Wheels of Fury Pack
– Year of the Snake Pack