Download Small Office Networking to Connect, Share, and Print - Learning to create and manage computer networks of small

Network computer to facilitate communication between users and the Mac Eni provides to the connected devices are able to share resources and information among themselves. So knowing information about the computer network between two or more computer networks for PC or Mac with the knowledge of a variety of different locations (home or office), how to transfer files on the network, the use of shared devices such as printers and network security as well as network connections, can be very useful and sometimes imperative.

During the training, the Small Office Networking to Connect, Share, and Print are key concepts in building and securing computer networks are familiar.

Navbn training of:
– Connection between multiple computers
– Recognition of wired connections
– Manage a router
– Manage wireless router
– Connection to the network wireless
– WPA2 encryption
– URL filtering
– Create a guest network (guest network)
– Introduction to Firewalls
– Sharing files over a network
– Troubleshooting network problems
– And …