Monitor and record screen captures of one of the pillars are very useful in the manufacture of electronic training specifically related to the application of applications. In this way the user gets familiar with the working environment and at the same time be both practical and theory is taught. However, there is a powerful software in the background allowing you to make better Courseware a Mac will.

TechSmith Snagit product names are the most popular and most powerful software company in the field of photographs taken at the scene of the display and perform the work and related editions. The software easily with a variety of useful tools to allow you to record any video from your screen with all the signs and the environment in different ways to see eyes of video of a high quality in case you need storage Each is beautifully done by editing. Powerful ability to share films made of other good features of

this product.

Features SnagIt:
– Ability to save images of different formats, including GIF, JPG, BMP, PNG and TIF.
– Allows storage of movies to AVI, PPT, AVI, MPG, MPEG, SWF and WMV.
– Ability to put effects on photos and videos.
– Ability to add text to the photo or video.
– Ability to draw geometric shapes.
– The possibility of placing images on the photo or video recording.
– Possibility to use the program files Camtasia Studio.
– Possibility to use several different effects on the body.
– Ability to save images in the format of PDF.
– Allows editing format SGI.
– Ability to download more effects.
– Possibility to hide the video recording.
– Full compatibility with all versions of Windows .

But what makes the difference, giving the software is similar to other programs?
As you know, many programs on the Internet that can display photos and video, so what makes this software is more popular? Here are some of the unique features of this program are to introduce.

– Scrolling Capture feature or images of pages long:
Ever occurred to you that you take a picture of a particular page, but the page you requested is too long to realize that the term should be manually Scroll?
In these circumstances, taking pictures of the screen right in front of your store that only part of the page and the Mac , there is no photograph of continuation pages long and you’ll have photos several manually
But with Snagit program can provide a full picture of the big screen, even if it requires Scrolling, the program will automatically capture the screen Scroll and all content and is provided to you file .

– Text Capture feature photographs or text:
Sometimes it may be a page or in a picture is a lot of text that is not extractable and you want to edit the text within the image and get the.
In such circumstances Snagit program is able to identify text inside an image or a page, all of the text inside them in a text file or TXT offer you simply are editable.

– Having the Advanced Editor Snagit Editor:
Snagit program along with all of its unique features is a powerful program called Snagit Editor is an excellent software for editing all types of images and videos have been recorded.
Features editor Adobe Photoshop It’s perhaps not, but whatever is needed to provide an image has been professionally edited.
The most important feature of this program of work is simple, elegant and very easy to work with editor Adobe Photoshop is devoid of any complexity so that a simple user can be what they want to be implement.
It should be noted that Snagit Editor editors in the field of advanced  pixel, pixel precise tools allow designers to program in a short time be able to edit your photos.

– Full compatibility with software package Microsoft Office:
It comes with plugins to synchronize with Microsoft Office programs are installed and you can use this powerful software that allows you to also enjoy the collection of Office.
This is an automated tool such as photos and video screens office, store or Macro movements or photographed at the moment make any changes, etc., allowing you to.

– Supports a variety of  cloud:
The default program is supported entirely from Google Drive and this allows you to also coordinate with other cloud networks and can automatic the files in your store.

– Support for peripherals such as :
The program also allows you to connect your mobile you can also edit files within it or save it directly to your files, this feature makes it unnecessary additional programs you have installed the.