Snooper is a package of software for professional audio recording with multiple settings for Mac is a professional opportunities. The sound recording software with the level detected was activated. Voice-activated recording mode, all sounds are collected are stored in a single file. Snooper while recording can be based on the size or the time specified by the user, share and store files. Can be recorded continuously for long periods of Snooper’s other capabilities. Record audio from microphone input automatically when sound is detected, the silence is started and stopped. The application can use the MP3 compressed audio format that can be a time in the recording file size is 4 MB of storage is also provided. Settings such as Bitrate, Smaple Rate, Mono, Stereo, etc. is also available to users.

A key feature of the software Snooper:
– Voice activated recording with the level detected
– Set the recording before and after launch
– The Mac ‘s selection of filters and triggers sensitive to the exact value of sound
– Neutralize the unwanted signal noise profiles according to pre-recorded
– Ability to send recordings by email, audio, either manually or automatically
– Act on when you start and stop recording software you specify
– Concealment of the Taskbar and Tray while recording
– Supports direct sound recording
– Recording and encoding audio files to secure the transmission of information via the Internet
– Allows a user-defined keys to control software
– File sharing tool while recording based on the size or the time specified by the user
– Storage of audio recordings in mp3 format
– And the …