Download SolidWorks 2012 Essential Training - Training Salydvrks, three-dimensional design software industrial structures

Salydvrks (SolidWorks), a software design engineer to a Mac computer and an advanced tool to design a three-dimensional structure of industrial applications. This software engineers around the world a lot of different companies that can Astfadhast using geometric bodies, curves, plans to offset the page, a new coordinate system, spiral curves, the slope of the surface of the cornea of three-dimensional objects, rotating about one axis and others on your profile. The program has three areas, namely the part (part) assembly (assembly) and Dravyng (drawing) is. You will be able to draw in the first part and the second Khvahbd provides opportunities for you to take a ride on the pieces of a mechanism, and in the end it can get a hard copy.

During training you basic functionality of SolidWorks 2012 and key applications take power.

Headlines training of:
– Start a new project in SolidWorks
– Add and remove connections (relationships)
– Determine the desired size for each design
– Set the options, and the framework of the system unit
– Drawing polygons
– Drawing circles, arcs, and splines
– Create offset geometry
– Move, copy and rotate elements
– Work with different axes of the coordinate system
– Use Revolve and Loft to create 3D objects
– Improved edges around the objects designed
– Design with blocks of original design
– Implementation of components
– Create the topic
– The integration of Excel to manage design tables
– Add notes and mark schemes
– Assembly or render the part of the picture
– And …