SolidWorks (SolidWorks), a software design engineer on a computer on which runs made ​​by the French company Dassault Systèmes continues to be developed. Now Solid Works software engineer by 1.3 million to more than 130,000 Companies worldwide are Astfadhast. This software has three parts, namely the (part) of the assembly (assembly) and Dravyng (drawing) is. I had to draw the piece, in the second part of a mechanism is mounted on the end of their environment engineering drawings (usually print) are prepared. Aynvntvr directly with SolidWorks software, Mechanical  and Solid Edge competition. A model for SolidWorks solid modeling, and Solid Para-based approach to feature-based parametric modeling and assembly uses. SolidWorks Premium is a comprehensive three-dimensional design solutions in addition to the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Professional, the powerful capabilities such as simulation, motion, design validation tools, advanced wiring, piping routing, is able to reverse engineer and … .

SolidWorks software has certain features that make it from other CAD packages such as CATIA, Pro / ENGINEER, Ion  system,  Anykal Vaynvntvr and index distinguish. Graphical User Interfacing strong sense of user interface software and Interfacing categories as mentioned in the program may be best designed. There are dialog boxes that are placed on each  will appear to the user, with a terse explanation, makes the user aware of its function.

A key feature of  SolidWorks Premium:
– Ease of use and in comparison with other CAD packages
– Higher speed than other software
– Ability to communicate with all software machining (edge ​​cam, master cam, power mill …) and analysis software (Ansys, Adams, Abaqus, Cosmos …)
– Products of any complexity and structure modeling and design of certain
– Routing of pipes and tubes
– Routing of electrical cabling
– Powerful simulation
– Reverse engineering (Scanto3D)
– Validation Tool Design
– Benefit from CALS technologies
– Build online for your
– Providing high quality products, the usefulness and reliability
– Functions on
– Supports standard and ESKD
– Take advantage of particular modules and advanced technologies of hybrid parametric modeling
– Compatible with different versions of Windows
– And …