Download Sonic Runners - Mobile Game Sonic Runner
(94/12/22) Changes:
Update to version 2.0.3

If the fans and fans of the series games of Sonic you are you should know this game is another Sonic game series Haymrvf. A memorable and much-loved game in the genre of action games is made by SEGA CORPORATION Game Studios and published. Endless running game has gameplay that will entertain you for hours. The game uses a character Sonic the Hedgehog is extremely popular with the Mac is in the form of a two-dimensional action adventure game time. Take the way of your enemies one after another.
Features of the Games Mobile Sonic Runners:
– Presence of enemies and bosses known classic Sonic games in the world
– Includes a variety of loops and hidden items along the way
– Special powers provided by well trained and can also pay to run with a friend
– Made the official company Sonic Producer of the game
– The Mac that unlocks the items and elements
– Character expandable power using loops obtained during the process, you can also upgrade your mobile
– Added new characters and features in upcoming releases
Version 2.0.3
– Fix bugs