Download Speed ​​Reading Fundamentals - Training increases reading speed and comprehension
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When reading a newspaper, book , short text or long story, the reader wants to read through the pages of the message into written sentences and is based on what has already been learned realize and discover new things . More people are trying to increase their reading speed and comprehension skills in a short time, read more. The techniques proven to increase reading comprehension skills that according to what experience has shown, have been able to increase their reading speed.
During teach you the principles and techniques of Speed ​​Reading Fundamentals increase their reading speed and comprehension skills are familiar.

Headlines training of:
– How to measure the speed of reading individual
– A quick read on the computer
– Read the words in groups
– Quick review after reading the previous text
– Improving comprehension and memorizing
– Law 80/20 in reading comprehension
– Reading magazines, books, textbooks, diagrams and ebooks
– And …