Download Spirit Run - mobile game Ghost Runner

Spirit Run the name of the game is very exciting and elegant style racing games are made ​​by RetroStyle Games and the game was released for the Android OS. Release your inner monster! To leave the game Walk ritual, and your soul to soul makes an animal and give your kids a Mac to the Aztec Temple guard against imminent apocalypse. The game has graphics fantasy and beauty that will fascinate you. Games like the famous and popular temple run game. So if you are such fans and lovers of the beautiful game series Hayayn download and play.

Features Games Mobile Spirit Run:
– The presence of ten different characters to choose and play any deformation to an extraordinarily Temple and the effects graphics interesting, have
– You can pay in a variety of creatures deformed and running. Animals such as wolves, foxes, leopards, pandas, and Unicorn are available
– The new Bigfoot 7 and 8 deer runner
– Greg rejected the presence of heroes such as 9 plus 10 Lion King
– Designed the impressive scenery with dynamic gameplay and action
– Protect the historic Aztec temple
– Boost your mood and increase your energy levels, your spirit