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Aspyasas (SPSS), Statistical package for social science stands for the name of the computer software used for statistical analysis. “Aspyasas” stands for “Statistical Package for the Social Sciences” is. SPSS software for statistical analysis in the social sciences, such as is used very widely. It also allows market researchers and trade, health researchers, survey companies, government, research training , in marketing organizations, etc. used. In addition to statistical analysis, data management, anddocumentation of data are also features of the software. SPSS Base software includes descriptive statistics (scanning tabulations, frequencies, descriptions, search Descriptive statistics relative), two-variable statistics (median, t-test, analysis of variance, correlation, nonparametric tests), expected outcomes numeric (linear regression), foreseen for recognition Groups (factor analysis, cluster analysis, separator) is.
In the course with basic functionality and key SPSS Statistics software applications take power.

Headlines training of:
– Enter data
– Create descriptive chart
– Modify and select the variables
– Formatting of tables and charts (charts) output
– Calculation of descriptive and inferential statistics
– Modelling community solidarity, contingency tables and regression
– Create bar graphs for those variables
– Construction of a circular charts to categorize the variables
– Make Histogram for Quantitative variables
– Manufacturing Box Plot Quantitative variables
– Re-encoding variable
– Use the command Split File
– Combining files
– Use of multiple Response Command
– Calculation frequency
– Calculation Descriptives
– Use the steering Explore
– And …