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SQL Server Integration Services Course added!
Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012 training course added!
Designing Database Solutions for SQL Server 2012 training course added!

Microsoft MySQL server (Microsoft SQL Server) database management system software (Data Base) and an environment for managers and programmers provide databases to ensure the efficiency, security and performance Success of data and information, to build and manage their databases and large databases.The 2012 version of Microsoft’s database (or MS SQL) changed a lot in terms of performance, speed and manage massive amounts of data have to be supported through the Windows Azure Windows Azure, the development of the Cloud, facilitate portability databases of one server to another, integrated programming environment for programmers, developers of Mac animals analysis service BI, improved core performance Database software , the new Backup Compression to reduce the size of backup data, processing up to 64 simultaneous processes, management of large amounts of data, full support and improved and named PowerPivot.
The courses teach you the basic functionality of SQL Server 2012 Tutorial Series and powerful application software key you know.

Topics Education for Installing SQL Server 2012:
– Select an appropriate version of SQL Server for your organization
– Installing SQL Server
– Test the accuracy of the installation and connections
– Configure SQL Server services
– Connect to network
– Create and connect to the database
– Backup and restore databases
– And …

Topics Securing SQL Server 2012:
– Best practices for security
– Management and Member Login
– Understand how to evaluate the permissions in SQL Server
– Create and assign logon and Roles
– Securing SQL in network
– And …

Other training courses:
– Reporting services in SQL (versions 2008 and 2012)
– Integration Services in SQL Server
– Query Information (Querying) in SQL Server
– Design solutions for SQL Server 2012 database
– And …