Steganos one of the companies producingthat is secure and robust to different products in different areas of security and the so-called Security & Privacy contributed.
Famous and powerful security package as the company Steganos Security Suite a complete set of security tools in various fields of information security, security against malware, security, and other essential activities.

A key feature of Steganos Privacy Suite:
– Features Steganos Safe: strongbox where a big, strong security system to protect your confidential information from the most recent name Adcanced Encryption Standard, or AES uses and gives you the ability to make the 256 gigabytes of format in this safe place, and no one but you can access it.

Steganos Portable Safe: your most important information for handling the security of the system can use this section of the application file can be saved within a box, portable, by the the fund password on CD or memory that you want to copy, and be sure that nobody can access your funds.

E-Mail Encryption: In this section you can e-mail Attach to your most important content first before sending inaccessible and then send. This will give you a chance of being seen or Attach content to anyone other than the person who knows the password will have to stop.

Steganos File Manager: The part of your program every file and folder that you can get inaccessible or hidden. Interestingly, this change in the ability of the program executable file or a text format which can put you in the form of a or a secret song to somebody does not doubt it.

Password Manager: This part of the program can address all your passwords and text information and keep everything in writing that you do not like to see its the program you are Select automatic if Password easily warns the risk of disclosing it.

Internet Trace Destructo r: When you spend some time in surfing are all activities you do in is stored, it remains part of the program can erase all of your browser and Windows-to-day The first returns.

Steganos File Shredder: Make sure you’re going to want to get rid file by deleting any files from Windows to completely clean simple and not for software is returnable. By this part of the file that you’re relieved it can destroy the whole. It also has the ability to Disk CleanUp is a dead space of the drive alive.

– And …