Stellarium is a very powerful and attractive view of the planet for your PC. A realistic view of the sky in 3D, everything that you see with your naked eye, binoculars or a telescope.
View the Software Mkhlvty of the powerful projector that planets and stars have appeared beautiful to you.Just set your coordinates and go to it!
The Mac Pro is the powerful resources, which can be free and without connection to the internet to use it, and with access to tools and resources available in the sky, planet and galaxy orbits and provides a.Another key feature of this software is that the Persian language support.

A key feature of the software Stellarium:
– List of over 600,000 stars
– Extra large catalog of more than 210 million stars
– Bright stars and constellations with astrological position of the
– View real Milky Way
– A real atmosphere or climate, beautiful sunsets and sunrises
– Planets and other sputnik
– Powerful zoom
– Control of Time
– Recording and readout displays You
– Mobility at the surface by Mouse
– View lump on other planets, are very real level
– Control of the keyboard and control of the Telescope
– Ability to coordinate the tropical and sidereal
– Eyes suck out Stars
– Throwing stars
– Eclipse Eclipse
– Find landscapes, sky and spherical
– Support from Persian
– And the …