If those interested in  computer games crusades Surely you are older you have played for a while or at least heard the name. Games that about twelve years ago when I was still in the game industry has not been as extensively developed and built with style and strategic game play is fairly complete, and the extraordinary. The first version of the game was so popular in the English dubbed version that was shipped! This game will provide you with the beautiful castle in the great war between the armies of Muslim countries and Christian countries (known as the Crusades) is introduced. The most important elements of the game, castle-building, providing food and shelter for the inhabitants of the castle, defend the castle and attacking castles, lands and resources and is strategically enemies. After twelve years of waiting fans, Inc. Firefly fans after the game to offer a second version of the Crusades is happy. The familiar arcade style fun, addictive, fast and of course the good and the new three-dimensional engine has returned to the desert! The second version of the game you can take on the role of Richard Lionheart and the Knights of the powerful and their armor and go to war with the Arabs or the king of Syria as Arab liberation soldiers, Christians try to suppress. Of course, each side will have a tough job to pick up the other side to get to your knees. Finally, you must determine your destiny holly.