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Sucka Free – 2008 – Nicki Minaj Album

  President Carter Speaks  
  Sunshine (ft. Lil Wayne)  
  Set It Off  
  Brraaattt (ft. Ransom)  
  Higher Then A Kite (ft. Lil Wayne)  
  Curious George  
  Sucka Free 08 (ft. Lil Wayne)  
  Baddest Bitch  
  Wanna Minaj (ft. Lil Kim And Gucci Man)  
  Doin It Well (ft. Jadakiss)  
  Cuchi Shop  
  Hundred Million Dollaz (ft. Lil Wayne)  
  Young Money Ballaz (ft. Lil Wayne)  
  Sweetest Girl  
  Firm Biz 08 (ft. Jadakiss)  
  Dead Wrong  
  Long Time Comin (ft. Ransom)  
  Womp Womp  
  Whos Ya Best Mc  
  President Carter Signs Off  
  Lollipop Remix (ft. Lil Wayne)  

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