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Getting root acces
1) Go to http://download.chainfire.eu/…SU-v1.99r3.zip and download the flashable supersu.zip file
2) Put the .zip file on the root of your phones sdcard
3) Download this recovery: http://goo.im/devs/philz_touch/CWM_Advanced_Edition/m4 and put it in your device folder on your desktop.
4) Open your terminal and browse to your device folder:

for example:
cd Desktop/device

5) Reboot your phone into the bootloader using the screen on/off and volume down buttons
6) Select fastboot and make sure you see fastboot usb

7) Flash supersu.zip in this “live” recovery and after it’s finished reboot your phone to system. You should now be rooted and have SuperSu.apk installed.

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